The Importance of Customer Engagement

ENGAGING (en-gey-jing) adjective: winning, attractive, pleasing (example: an engaging smile)

Whether you’re at the store, walking down the street or sitting in a business meeting, someone smiling at you can change your attitude. It might soften your anger, tear down a defense or objection, or it might simply brighten your already cheery attitude. Good salesmen know how to engage with a potential client and brighten their potential sales outcome.

With that last sentence, over half of you have said: “BUT I’m not a SALESMAN. I’m not in sales.”  Most people don’t realize that all of us are in sales.   We are selling ourselves and our company with every customer interaction.  You might be a bookkeeper responsible for accounts receivable or you might be a service technician for a cable company – you’re still in sales and by engaging with your customer, you’re providing a valuable service for everyone involved.

Engagement is welcoming! It’s a pleasant tone of voice, whether in person or on the phone. It’s seeing comments on social media and responding to them whether they are positive or negative. It’s making information easy to find on your website, or having the contact information readily accessible. It’s making it easier for your customer to have a personal connection. Engaging wins the heart of the customer through attractive interaction which pleases the customer and meets or exceeds their expectations.

3 Reasons Why Customer Engagement is important for YOUR CLIENT

1.  Engaging with your customer helps them feel important.

2.  Your customer feels heard and understood.

3.  Your customer feels like they can come back to you with problems or for their next purchase or service need. They know they will be treated like they are your only customer.

3 Reasons Why Customer Engagement is important for YOU

1.  You are building a community with your customers.  That will inspire your customers to tell their friends and associates; building a bigger community of business prospects.

2.  You are overcoming objections for initial sales or service and resolving problems before they negatively impact your brand.

3.  You are being proactive and being proactive builds confidence within the community you serve. Confidence inspires trust and attracts more business.

Customer engagement occurs in many different arenas:  face-to-face, phone, web, text messages, and of course, the growing popularity of social media platforms.  Customer engagement must be modified for each situation.  While a greeting with a smile when face-to-face is a definite, a customer will also be able to discern whether you are smiling on the phone.  Social media and website traffic should be monitored and responded to in a timely fashion and with a pleasant writing style (“smile”). Engagement starts with being friendly and open no matter the circumstances; and with the appropriate empathetic listening skills it will win the customer’s loyalty and trust through a sale or a positive resolution. offers customer engagement through our Customer Reviews.  Make sure your customers can find you and engage with you…FREE!  Visit and Sign Up Today!

Originally posted by guest blogger, Nicole Beus on Mon, Nov 14, 2011

~ Nicole “Indy” Beus is the owner of Indy’s Services a Social Media Management, Graphic Design, and Virtual Assistance company since 2006.  To learn more about her, follow online on Twitter: @Indys, Facebook: Indy’s Services, or Indy’s website

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