5 Reasons Why People Prefer Christian Owned Businesses


In this day and age, making the smart decision on a product or service requires a lot of work, energy, and time. It can get pretty overwhelming to sift through the thousands of business listings in your local area, let alone find the trustworthy companies among them.

As a personal example, I recently caught up with a cousin who had become widowed 6 years ago. She mentioned to me how she’s had to make decisions for things she never really had to before, and the difficulties that come with making the right one.  It wasn’t hard to sympathize with her, there are just so many options for plumbers, contractors, handymen, roofers, etc. We’re talking about inviting people into our homes, how do we know who to trust?

When people are in need of a service, they look for a trustworthy business. Here are 5 reasons why people prefer to do business with a Christian owned company:

  1. Higher Standards — You can expect a higher standard of integrity and reliability in how they practice their business. Christians in business share the built-in biblical values that govern them personally and in the workplace. Their business ethics demand that they respect your home & belongings, complete the job and stand behind their work.  You will be able to trust them as though they are a close acquaintance or friend.

  2. Money Well Invested — When doing business with a Christian owned company, you can trust that they will be good stewards of your money and time. Most Christian business owners tithe a portion of their profits.  This money usually goes to their home church, but also can be given to local ministries and charities.  By hiring a Christian contractor, you are also helping promote the work of the Kingdom of God through their giving.

  3. Building Community — When people connect with like-minded, value-oriented companies, it brings a sense of community and fellowship even outside of the church.

  4. Save Time — If you seek a trustworthy company that hold themselves to biblical standards, you’ve already narrowed down the list of businesses to look through tenfold. You save the time that would have been spent looking through reviews, or asking all your friends for referrals.

  5. Peace of Mind — After reading reasons 1 through 4, hasn’t it already given you peace of mind? It makes the process easier and stress-free, and we do our best to keep it that way for you.

As we navigate through the Information Digital Age, many people don’t know where to turn for reliability when faced with a decision. The Shepherd’s Guide came from that need to find trustworthy businesses in faith. Did you know that we encourage every single one of our advertisers to make a Statement of Faith (link) and display themselves as Christian owned businesses?

Be sure to claim your listing at The Shepherd’s Guide!

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