7 Ways to Improve Your Online Presence and Be Found!

When people look for your business on an online directory, there are several things you can to stand out and be found.

  1. Great Profile Photo – We all know that while you’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but people do it all the time. It’s important that you choose a profile picture that best represents you and your business. A professional logo is typically the best option, but if you don’t have one, it’s also best to have photos of your work or service as well. Finding free, commercial licensed images and photos is another great way to utilize the internet to find clean, professional pictures to represent your company. If you have any questions on how to do this, don’t hesitate to ask The Shepherd’s Guide for assistance. We love to serve the small, local businesses.
  2. Fully Completed Profile – Once you find yourself a great profile picture, it’s important to also fully complete all the forms and fields of an online listing, including your Shepherd’s Guide profile. It’s worth it to take some time and write out all the details about your company as it attracts customers and not only helps advertise your company, but create loyalty as well. The better your profile looks, the more viewers will assume you are a professional.
  3. Referrals – Most folks tend to not leave reviews on their favorite businesses on the directory service they found you know, but only because they forget to. All it takes is a friendly reminder to ask for their commendation. Go ahead, be brave and ask for those reviews on your favorite websites. Even tackling poor reviews by responding to them will speak volumes for your company because it will show that you care and are willing to improve yourself to satisfy all customers.
  4. Add Media – Continuing this theme of public image, don’t let all those marketing dollars go to waste. Most services allow you to upload additional photos, videos, blog posts, social media, etc. If you’re a restaurant, posting pictures of your best dishes is a no-brainer. The more you add to your profile, the more engaging it will be. Plain and simple. People spend more time on websites and listings that have photos than not. The more information they can get before the phone call, the easier it will be to answer closing questions and earn that sale.
  5. Share Media – Similar to how you may use social media to push out stories and press releases about your business, be sure to share your personal listing pages on all your marketing. The Shepherd’s Guide assigns a unique URL to each listing so that our advertisers can easily cut and paste the URL into emails and other marketing avenues.
  6. Participate in a Variety of Social Sites – Make as many friends as you can in life and online. The internet has made it ten times easier to network and meet others in your industry, especially with services like LinkedIn. The more connections you have, the more venues you have to get the word out about your business and what’s happening.

When your customers see the time and attention you are putting into your business, and they’re kept up-to-date on what’s new with your company, it helps keep you in their minds. How often we tell our friends and families the first company that comes to their head, it’s important to stay relevant. The Shepherd’s Guide lets you do this across different channels and the best news, we provide it for free!

Be sure to claim your listing at The Shepherd’s Guide!

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