How to Market your Christian Business

Have you seen the poll by The Barna Group? The Barna Group is a research company that focuses on the intersection of faith and culture.  I find this research to be extroadinary. It talks about the American consumer marketplace being a patchwork of markets.  It goes on to say that many brands have achieved success by identifying and reaching pockets of consumers among many variables, including ethnic factors.  This is not to say that they ignore other factors, but it says companies have been successful marketing specifically to ethnic factors, i.e. Christian consumers.

In summary, this poll taken in Feb 0f 2011, found that 42% of Americans are more likely to buy a product or service from a company that manages its business according to Christian principles, while 3 % were less likely and 51% said it made no difference.  In the same poll they found that 37% Americans are more likely buy a product or service from a company that promotes the Christian faith, while 3% are less likely and 58% said it makes no difference.

So what does this mean for the Christian Business owner? Given the above, it could be concluded that when marketing dollars utilize a means that would identify a business that manages it’s organization with Christian principles and/ or embraces and promotes the Christian faith, they would have a higher percentage of success when determining return on investment. Christian Businesses would do well in targeting advertising mediums that produce a vehicle to meet this need.

Originally posted by Richard Criste on Wed, Nov 28, 2012

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