Using Social Media Platforms and the Importance of Visual Content

With 532 million status updates on Facebook per day, (MBA.comA Day in the Internet) the way a user portrays their information via social media is extremely important.12-12-12

Given the explosion of social media over the past decade, individuals have countless options to display information, express their interests, and communicate with others. Social media platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest have capitalized on this growing market and have provided great tools for users, especially those who are visually driven. With this growing market comes the challenge for users to post information that is eye-catching and concise.

Let’s start with Instagram. The idea was born in 2010 when two Stanford University graduates with  a love of photography decided to make the task of  taking and editing photos easier on their mobile  devices. Now, two years later Facebook purchased the program for 1 billion dollars, which allowed the  company to become more user friendly with their  photo sharing capabilities.

Around the same time as Instagram, another photo sharing company was born. This company,  popularly known as Pinterest, is a virtual pin board  site that allows users to pin photos of what  interests them. Once the photo is pinned the user has an option of choosing what pin board they  would like to place it on. As with many social media platforms, users can follow others, re-pin photos, and like them. While Facebook hasn’t purchased this social application yet, users can sign in to Pinterest using their Facebook account. From there, users have the option of syncing their Facebook with Pinterest that posts updates on their Timeline every time a new photo is pinned.

With all of these social media applications available, people need the ability to digest information quickly and determine its importance. So much is posted daily in the social media world, that information can be overlooked if a post is not thoroughly executed. A study done by Social Media Today concluded Facebook posts with photos received the most Comments, Likes and Engagement. Photos can grab the attention of a user quickly and are able to convey more information than just using text without an image.

As you think about what you are going to post next on your social media platform, remember the impact of photos. Just one image and a few words can convey a bigger message than just a lot of text.

Originally posted by Patricia Goedeke on Wed, Dec 12, 2012

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